I Now Own a Pig

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I wanted to share a few recent snapshots.

Aug 21 post 1

^^^ all things with which I'm currently obsessed. :)

Aug 21 post 2

^^^ Have you ever been to The Cloisters? It's a museum (branch of the Met) located in Fort Tyron Park in Upper Manhattan. It's such a scenic and beautiful escape from the city! This dear friend above is moving to London :( so we had a final date there before she goes. We lived together years ago when I took the risk of putting an ad on Craigslist to find a roommate, never thinking it'd work out so well. We went to brunch before we ventured up to The Cloisters and right before we left, she handed me a to-go hot chocolate she sneakily got from the waitress, explaining it was spiked. I love her.Aug 21 post 3

^^^ I can't get enough grapefruit these days! Also, we've been buried in wedding planning (i.e. envelopes), but it's thankfully been a productive little stretch. Well - I mean, sort of. I feel like there's a lot still to do and it's crazy how close it's getting. It's starting to get really fun, though - we even picked out our wedding rings the other day!  Gah, seeing Patrick with a ring on? And excited about it? Wild. It was another little moment where it all hit me ... and I found myself feeling so proud that he's going to be my guy for years to come.

Patrick's brother spent part of the week with us and drove down items from my bridal shower. So sweet! That's the pillow ^^^ that their little sis gave us :) and that pig? My friend knew I've been wanting one for YEARS! I seriously squealed when I opened it. It's a metallic pink Harry Allen piggy bank and it's the best thing ever. So, so sweet. As mentioned on Instagram, I do indeed make the best pig noise. Quite the hidden talent, dontchathink? ;)

Fun weekend plans? I'm off to the beach bright & early tomorrow for a final fling before the ring! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!