Beach Bachelorette Bash

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beach bachelorette bash I wanted to share a few snapshots from my beach bachelorette bash! That's me up there in my prized sandbox. (Remember the days we were entertained by shoveling sand into a pail, only to dump it out and repeat?)

I had an unusually busy summer and there wasn't much time for enjoying the sunshine so I can't even tell you how nice it was to get away for 3 days with girlfriends and head to Virginia Beach.

bachelorette 1

I added a little bling to my nails (had to!) and my girlfriend presented me with a feather boa at the airport. I felt like a mix between a princess and Big Bird. And I loved it.

A sneaky special delivery from the sweetest coworker and the greatest swag everrrr. A monogrammed tumbler + metallic temporary tats + baby bottles of Jack Daniels?!!! These girls know the way to my heart, I tell you what. The best!

bachelorette 2

some of my favorite ladies in the world. ^^^

Thank you to Fancy Freebirds for helping me gift some fun tassel bracelets to my girls!

bachelorette 3

We did fun things like eat ice cream (it got ALL OVER ME  because I am a spaz), attended a surfing expo, and went on a dolphin viewing cruise! Do you see them? They surrounded our entire boat. The water was super choppy, but we thankfully didn't get sick. I made sure to down some motion sickness tablets with my pina colada ;) And those are some of our tats! I may or may not still have a pineapple on my foot. It looked great with my wedding dress I tried on last week 5

getting ready! They made me a giant banner card with inside jokes (that I already have tucked away in a keepsake box) and threw me a lingerie party -- oolala! -- because they seriously are the best. I don't think I've ever been so excited about my pajama collection. My hole-y tshirts are gettin' the boot!

photo 22

...that moment when your girlfriends get the restaurant to blare, "Oops! I Did It Again" by Britney Spears and force you to perform a choreographed dance from high school in the middle of the room. YES. I performed that thing as a senior at a lock-in talent show and won our class an entire week of casual dress (a huge deal in boarding school!), but I think my high-kick was a liiittle rusty 11 years later hahaha! There's apparently a video from the latest performance floating around as someone texted it to the groom... oh boy, I wish I could have seen his face when he received that gem :) The girls wrote down dares for me to perform that night -- everything from "propose to a stranger!" to "climb on a bar stool and pretend you're surfing!" Oh yes ;)

photo 33

...'twas a night for the books.

After coming back from the dead the following morning (it's a miracle what Ginger Ale & a Pop-tart can do - thank you, Mother Hen, you know who you are!), three of us had a good part of the day before we had to catch our return flight. We splashed around the pool like we were 10-year-olds and sprinted to the ocean and laughed so hard our bellies hurt. I know weddings are all about celebrating the couple, but I swear - behind every great relationship is a group of friends that support you no matter what. These girls and a crew of others have been there through it ALL, loving me before Patrick entered the picture - loving me when they introduced me to him - loving me when we first started dating - loving me when we broke up and I was an inconsolable puddle - loving me when I explained "guess who's baaack" - loving me when we moved in together - loving me when I felt undeservingly happy - loving me when he proposed - and loving me now & always. Without their friendship & support, I'd be a whole lotta nothin' and incapable of loving Patrick back. I hope they know how much they're cherished!

Cheers to girlfriends! Thank you to everyone who made our trip SUCH a blast.

xo, Britney