Packing for the Honeymoon

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packingforthehoneymoonIt's that time!  While I normally hate-hate-hate any packing process, I can't stop smiling when I look at our empty (new!) suitcase! We've never taken a vacation just the two of us (unless you count driving cross-country and accidentally sleeping in a tent a liiiittle too close to Colorado train tracks) so it's going to be SUCH a treat you have no idea. While we're obviously excited for a thousand reasons for the wedding (#1: it's been nine years and I want my best bud to be my husband already!), I know we'll only be able to steal away a few moments of alone time during the weekend. The wedding is to celebrate with our loved ones -- the honeymoon is to celebrate, just us :) And I lied, our suitcase isn't entirely empty. We have our passports and wedding rings inside - ha! It actually might be a little tricky to pack for time in Virginia + the wedding + the honeymoon all at the same time especially since we're heading down at separate times, but I figure those two things are the most important to remember! I have a feeling I'm going to struggle narrowing down my book pile since I think I can read much faster than I can (I know, I know - I really should invest in some sort of e-reader device for trips - but I love that all the pages will soon smell like sandy sunscreen) and I'm really looking forward to capturing a few of the sights & memories on my camera. I haven't packed away my summer clothes into the hard-to-reach under bed storage quite yet so it'll be fun to grab some maxi dresses and cover-ups one last time this year. And you better believe I will have a floppy hat in tow! I really cannot wait for everything. The butterflies / insomnia / lack of mental clarity are all in full force over here... 11 days!!!

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