Well Hello There

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wellhellothere I knowww, I know. I realize I dropped off the face of the blogosphere there for awhile. But here I am!  A married woman! A lot has happened and I have so many stories to share.

I had a couple rambling, halfway-finished entries queued up to post before our wedding, but I kept reading them and wondering if I made any sense. (And now that I'm reading them again? I did not.) It was literally impossible to put what I was feeling into words (or make complete sentences) so I gave up on trying to document anything and just lived in those crazy-wonderful moments and feelings.

It's been a longer break from blogging in this space than I had anticipated, but I needed it. It wasn't until we were riding through a Mexican jungle on our way to a middle-of-nowhere honeymoon destination that it hit me. I was finally removed enough to see how intense these last 6 months have been, both personally and professionally. Intense mainly in a good way, but still intense. I'm the kind of person whose wiring really needs to be recharged once in a while and I didn't realize that I was using some sort of back-up battery supply that was running low on juice. But now? I'm good :) Even though our little life feels turned upside down at the moment (um, how many days until I muster the attention span to unzip a suitcase?), I am so excited to be getting back in the groove.

I'd like to look back at the past 3 or so weeks and spend some time sharing a few posts and memories in no particular order -- everything from what I did right before walking down the an attempt to explain my feelings before & during our big why our photographer had to break into my hotel room the morning of the some of the things I designed for our ceremony & any tips that come to how many days I spent in Mexico without a what lipsticks I've been obsessed our honeymoon what books I read...and to how and when, in true Ginny form, I went to sit down in my wedding gown and missed the seat :) I hope you enjoy my little recaps! xoxo.