A Few Photos - Wedding Week

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I wanted to share the few photos I have from the days leading up to our wedding, including our rehearsal dinner.


  • snuggled up on the train with my new favorite scarf/blanket.
  • a cozy fire at home in virginia. i'm already looking forward to returning in a few weeks for thanksgiving. my mom says she'll be all decorated for christmas by then so i can pretend it's both holidays since i'm spending christmas with patrick & his family. while i'm so excited to spend it with p (we never have!) and i adore his fam, i've never-ever been away from my mom on 12/25 in nearly 3 decades. i'm curious, do they make medication for that? ha! i'm going to be a wreck.
  • speaking of that mother of mine, she left that "i do!" notepad by my bed at home. mother hen knows her chick! i'm all about to-do lists. they keep me sane.
  • i've spent far too much time looking at skyscrapers. the colorful trees made me weak in the knees!
  • back to the prettiest school in all the land, where our little love story up & began.
  • i was overjoyed when patrick got down to virginia the thursday of that week! the second i saw him it was like, ok, i can do this. some of our friends & family ran into all sorts of travel problems which i suppose is expected for any sort of "destination wedding", but i found myself fretting about everyone making it safely. thankfully, all was ok.


My niece captured this moment ^^^ during our rehearsal. fun fact: We were married in the oldest church in Charlottesville, Virginia. The chalice we used for communion (Patrick & I held the wine for everyone and miraculously avoided spilling it on ourselves) has been used in every wedding held there dating back to the 1800s.


^^^at our rehearsal dinner (at an irish pub!) with my brothers & beau.


^^^with some of my bridesmaids (sis, niece, and now little sis-in-law!) & groom!


  • 3 bridesmaids / dear friends from high school, college, and NYC.
  • groom's cake! our amazing pastry chef made all of the little details by hand. she left a little husky stuffed animal next to it (patrick reallllly wants a real one and she knew that) and we ended up giving it to my 6-year-old nephew, ezra. ezra told me later - in his very quiet, tiny voice - that he named the husky patrick. 
  • my sis-in-law & sis, two women that could conquer the world.

My adorable mother-in-law gave a welcome toast and approximately one and a half words in, totally lost it and started crying to the point where she couldn't even speak. (So then I obviously started crying, too! We're hopeless!) She held her hands over her face, and it was the sweetest moment as Patrick swept in to try and comfort her, while finishing her thoughts for the crowd. We are a sentimental bunch, and it was the perfect way to kick-off a weekend full of love.

We invited guests who were already in town to come join us out later that evening and it was so much fun. It was practically a mini reception and it made my heart explode every time I saw a new, familiar face. People traveled from all across the country to celebrate with us and I can't even tell you how much it means. It felt cruel - in the midst of it all - to give myself a Cinderella curfew, but I knew I had to at least try and sleep. After a couple hours of fun, I kissed my groom goodnight and told him I'd see him at the altar, and his little brother walked me back to the hotel. I distinctly remember strolling to my room where my sis was waiting on me for our slumber party, thinking how much I wanted to freeze time and live in that excited anticipation forever. be continued