Lipstick Love

beautyVirginia HartComment


Let me preface this by saying I haven't always been a lipstick-wearing kind of gal. Outside of the various forms of chapstick I hoard, I never used to reach for lipstick in my makeup bag. Maybe it has something to do getting older (only 10 more days of 28! weird!), but I'm noticing it really does make a difference. And it's fun! It adds an instant pulled-together glam factor even if the rest of your face is totally bare. Below are three lipsticks I have been wearing nonstop since our wedding.

1. Bare Minerals Fly High is the perfect shade of wear-all-the-time pink.

2. Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar lipgloss can be worn on its own or over another color (pictured with #1! I wore both on our wedding day) to give it a nice glossy sheen without a sticky, globby feeling. I also love the hint of shimmer :)

3. Marc Jacobs Wham is a bright poppy color that instantly brightens your face. I wore it all the time in Mexico. Also, how cool is the chrome crayon-esque packaging?

Do you have a go-to lipstick? Xx.