Honeymoon Part II

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honeymoonpart2 I left off our honeymoon story describing a blissful time at Hotelito Desconocido, a couple hours south of Puerto Vallarta. We planned on leaving bright and early Thursday morning to head to our second destination, but then we woke up. And felt like death. We have no idea why (we felt fine when we went to bed - at like 10PM!), but it wasn't pretty. I was definitely worse than Patrick at that point and I felt so bad because I knew I needed to pack and get my act together to make it to our car. But nothing felt right except lying long story short, we didn't make our ride. As excited as I was at that point to see the second hotel (and ya know, get to air conditioning!), I just couldn't deal. I think Patrick was frustrated with me at first, but then quickly realized it was for the best and helped by bringing me a cold wash cloth for my forehead and giving me space to sprawl out. We napped for, like, 5 hours and tried again that afternoon.


Patrick captured these gems. ^^^ There I am - looking spectacular - ready for a second attempt at that long, winding car ride. Heh. They let me borrow a pillow (a squishy pillow is required when you don't feel good!) and I made myself a bed in the back of their SUV. Our driver stopped early on so Patrick could get me a Gatorade and a pack of Ritz crackers. I was in good hands.

We made it in one piece to our second destination and were escorted to a honeymoon suite bigger than our apartment. Our all-inclusive rate included 24-hour room service so we ordered pizza and french fries and watched TV. It was a new kind of heaven! I was feeling so much better but Patrick felt horrible all of a sudden so it was my turn to play nurse.

After a loooong day and night of our first husband/wife test of the "in sickness and in health" vow, we woke up feeling ready to explore our new hotel!


his & hers ^^^


our view at Velas Vallartas!




oh, hiii! and ohmygoshyes, an albino peacock!


We felt better + I had my suitcase + access to a hair dryer ^^^ :)




While I was reading and drinking pretty cocktails delivered with a, Here you are, Senora Mac-Nannie!, Patrick was busy feeding flowers to the iguanas.


Here we are on our way to a little swimming-with-dolphins excursion! ^^^ Check out the colors on those parrots...


^^^ the face of a happy camper


I know, I know. We were those cheesy honeymooners. ^^^



We loved watching the sunset and sneaking in a few rounds of ping pong by the beach.

(I can't wait for a home big enough to have a ping pong table, fyi!)


We ventured down to the marina on our last night.



...and then downtown to walk around. We had no idea what these guys were doing at first (it ended up being a performance) and I almost passed out when they jumped off the top to spin around!

We wanted to bring back a little memento to remember our trip so we ended up finding a little tortuga (turtle) figurine that now has a home on our Manhattan bookshelf.



It was time to say goodbye to such a wonderful week (crazy sick day and all!), and I actually felt excited to get back home to our little NYC life. Now that more time has passed, I really miss the vacation aspect and the warmth of the sun, but I'm just thankful for a wedding and trip filled with so many happy (and funny!) memories. Here's to a great little start to our marriage -- and to any future adventures that await.