5 Things

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I have five quick things to tell you about!


1. Rhodia notebooks. Between all of the drafts and practice sheets involved with art and calligraphy projects, I go through a lot of paper. And while I still love Borden & Riley Paris paper, I'm a new fan of Rhodia's products. If you're a calligrapher, the paper is smooth enough where your nibs don't snag but it's also translucent enough to use guidelines underneath. I also like the graph and lined paper for practicing! I actually used some Rhodia paper for my first calligraphy editorial job this week...eee! Fingers crossed they pick my work for the issue's final layout.

2. Serial. Are you listening?! I can see why its cult-like following has it at the top of the iTunes podcast charts! If you're not familiar with podcasts, you can either stream them from the internet and listen to the episodes in order that way or you can download them to your phone or iPad and listen to it even when you don't have internet access. Sarah Koenig's voice and storytelling really sucks you into the (true!) story she's investigating about the murder of a high school student in 1999 for which the convicted murderer is serving his life in person. He insists he's innocent and Sarah isn't so sure he's guilty either. Each episode goes deeper and deeper into the story so even though I'm only on episode 5, I find myself wanting to cover my walls in post-it notes (Homeland / True Detective style!) to figure out what actually happened! It's unclear how long the podcast will last, but it sure is fascinating.

3. The Husband's Secret. I read this and Dunham's Not that Kind of Girl the week of our honeymoon and truly enjoyed both, but I found myself wanting more from Liane Moriarty because The Husband's Secret was such an exceptionally written page-turner! I'm diving into her other books now -- What Alice Forgot, Big Little Lies, Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, and The Hypnotist's Love Story. I'm so excited for some upcoming travel and time to devote to these :) Have you read any of her books?

4. Wunderlist. I am all about a to-do list and while I still very much rely on my physical planner to make my big weekly and daily lists, I often find myself thinking of something right before bed or while I'm standing in a checkout line or underground in the subway. My old method for not forgetting something that popped into my head was emailing myself with a reminder in the subject line. But that was straight-up silly and who wants to clog their own inbox more than it already is?! Enter Wunderlist, my new favorite app. It's easy to make lists, cross things off, and you can access it both on your computer and phone. I also love the fact that you can share lists with other people so if you want to have an ongoing grocery list with your spouse or roommate or if you're collaborating on a project and want to make sure you both have access to the list, you can! You can even star things that are really important.

5. This sweatshirt tunic. Now that I'm working from home (a subject that needs to be a whole other post!), I am no longer in need of all my business dress clothes. While I still like to dress up a bit for meetings or anytime I see someone I know other than P and the mailman, that doesn't happen as often these days haha! So basically, I want to be as comfortable as possible without wearing pajamas. I have two of these sweatshirt tunics (black and grey) and I practically live in them. They're super comfy, but still cute and a great length. I wear them so much that I honestly might order another one or tell Patrick I want it for Christmas.