Farewell, 2014!

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I never realized my planners had the additional role of being a keepsake until I just flipped through my 2014 scribbles and lists. This past year was...full. Between my career change and move and wedding, there was a lot of overlap in getting it all done. I still remember wiping the sweat off my face the day we were moving and changing into an outfit I bought at Banana the day before (since all my clothes were packed) to scurry to a last-minute important meeting. I remember Patrick finding an apartment just when we were about to give up and leaving my job early one day to pick up a giant box of Levain cookies to bring to the board interview just in case the dozen reference letters weren't enough...and us being approved for a home in the nick of time. And I remember addressing our wedding invitations super late at night in between other wedding jobs as I played dual roles of "bride" and "wedding vendor" all year.

It's been a year of saying yes to whatever I can -- whether that's yes, I'll take a 5:45AM train to make it in time to attend a seminar in DC ...and yeah, I can write 200 names on an 8-foot mirror even though I've never done that before ...and surrre, I'll write "shake ya tailfeathers!" on the reception dance floor for your client (never a dull moment!)...and why not! I'll apply to a dream opportunity that has a bajillion other applicants. (you never know what can happen if you try.) And of course I can't forget the most important yes I have ever said -- I do.

It was also a year of saying some important nos whether that was choosing to put up difficult boundaries from people no longer bringing positivity to my life or finally declaring that I was no longer feeling fulfilled in a job that didn't encourage my creativity.

There were plenty of things I could have done better, disagreements I could have handled with more poise, and things I didn't accomplish -- but I'd like to still cross off this year with a pink highlighter and a high-five. It's easy to reflect on each year by what cards we've been dealt, feeling like so much of the year happens to us, but I think our best method of measuring success is how we handle each card...and seeing how we can handle them better in the future. I have the longest list ever of goals for 2015 (one of my goals should be to shorten the list!), but I've decided that if I have to choose one big goal it'd be to live each day as if it were on purpose. And yeah I'm pretty sure that's a line from the Will Smith movie, Hitch (ha!)but I really like it.

Cheers to a full, but wonderful 2014 -- and here's to a new hand of cards!