3 Ways to Battle Winter Skin

beautyVirginia Hart2 Comments


A huge perk of working from home these days is that I don't have to brave the cold, long commute during the winter months. (Don't hate me.) I'm still out and about plenty (else I go stir crazy!), but it's undeniably different. No matter how often I'm outside, however, the weather - and our rickety radiator steam - still take a toll and I'm left with what I call winter skin. Dehydrated, flaky, dry, red, chapped, lizard-like, beautimous skin.

here are three products that help me fight that battle:


Mary Kay face scrubber. I got a facial before our wedding and wondered if it was normal for my skin to feel THAT much cleaner afterwards than on a normal basis. Probably not. I was gifted this face scrubber for Christmas, and it's my new can't-live-without device that I will be using year round. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my wash-up routine, and typically grab a makeup-removing towelette and call it a day. Now that I've incorporated this face scrubber, my face feels SO much cleaner and smoother. It really scrubs off the dry skin, and my other moisturizing products seem to work a million times better as a result. There are a few brands that make similar devices, but this is the one I use.


Bag balm. This stuff is heavy-duty and magical. Its original use? Softening cow udders! I keep a little box tin in our medicine cabinet and actually use it a lot on my cuticles, any irritated skin, or when my lips get suuuper dry. You can read more about its history and all its uses here. Available here!


Dermalogica Barrier Repair. I have this unruly patch of skin right between my eyebrows that used to stay dry and flaky no matter what I did or used. Not cute. And then I found this! You only need a teeny-tiny amount right before you lather on face cream, and I swear it's the only thing that works for me. I had to share in case your skin does the same thing. Available here! (I'm actually a fan of all Dermalogica products if you're looking to switch up other items you use.)