Silk & Willow

weddingVirginia HartComment

silk&willow I wanted to tell you about the beautiful brand, Silk & Willow! I've always had a thing for wrapping (you can see my first batch of wrapping paper designs here) and am constantly stocking my washi tape collection and ribbon box. I feel like I'm always using ribbon for random things, too -- my keychain, zipper pulls, and added decor on everything from fashion to office to home.

Silk & Willow makes gorgeous plant dyed ribbon. Their recycled silk sari kind is produced from silk waste that has been reclaimed from industrial mills in India. A Fair Trade woman's co-operative sews the silk ribbon "piece-by-piece and end to end to form a continuous ribbon." So cool. They talk about how their regular plant dyed silk ribbons are "dyed in small batches, some colors taking days to reach their full potential" and that "you are purchasing a slow-crafted one-of-a-kind piece of art." I love that! 

I'm also drooling over how it looks on gifts. Look at how this photographer uses it on her packaging. Swoon! You can shop Silk & Willow's collections here.

P.S. The ribbon also looks gorgeous paired with florals. You can see the Silk & Willow ribbon on my bridal bouquet below!




flowers by JM Flora and photography by Elisa Bricker