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linklove My entire eating schedule / habits have changed in the last few months now that I'm working from home. I used to eat breakfast and lunch at the office, and then typically hit up Seamless Web for dinner. Now? I not only cook dinner every night (wha? who, me??), I eat all three meals at home...either at my desk, on our little kitchen bar, or at our dining room table...oops! I mean coffee table ;) I've been starting to scour the interwebs for recipe inspiration (have any favorite food blogs to share?), and am recently getting into The Food Network. In fact, the other night I had a night off from cooking (yahoo!) and went to Gato with girlfriends (highly recommend!) and saw both Bobby Flay and Ming Tsai! I'm still a newbie in the food world so I was all like, Who?, but my friends were freaking out.

This article in the New Yorker made me laugh.

I'm dying to give this conditioning cleanser a try in between shampoos.

turtleneck hair. (I do this and my front layers pop out so it looks like I have a bob.)

My mother gave me the softest ivory Nicole Miller robe for Christmas and I practically live in it. If there's ever a time to linger in a cozy robe, it's this time of year. Have you heard of the Barefoot Dreams brand? So many celebs swear by it!

I have some movie watching to do to prepare for the upcoming Oscars. The only Best Picture nominee we've seen is Boyhood. (It was filmed over the course of 12 years with the same cast which makes it really interesting.) I'd also like to really see Still Alice and Wild. Have you seen either?

what I'm reading

what we started watching

Two sneak peeks of a really fun wedding shoot I did here and here!

chewable jewelry for moms of babies -- genius! (and adorable) I got one for my sis-in-law and secretly wanted one for myself.

this chic cape is 50% off

an interesting IPO

my new favorite color that I had to rename.

I'm on an afternoon tea kick this winter, and have been loving this blend!

We watched our wedding DVD the other night and I was A PUDDLE. To be honest, neither of us were in a great mood when we decided to watch it, but helloooo mood fixer. I teased Patrick that we have to watch it whenever we're in a fight :) If you are debating hiring a videographer/cinematographer for your wedding, do it!

initial ring.

this cute bag would be perfect to store makeup and other essentials in your purse.

we're seeing this tomorrow!

and lastly, 45 life lessons.