Hart Things!

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If you know me, you know that I'm basically a walking advertisement for Valentine's Day 365 days out of the year. I have an affinity for hearts, wear an obnoxious amount of pink, am an advocate for lettered love notes, and am the biggest sap there ever was. It's official. I'm Cupid.  While I'm not selling any Valentine products this year, I wanted to share a few other heart Hart things you might like to gift to a girlfriend (girls are more fun to shop for than boys, yes?) or even yourself. Also, it doesn't need to be Valentine's Day to have a little extra love in your life!


1. I gifted similar heart studs to my bridesmaids as part of their gift for being in our wedding and they wore them the day-of! I think they're perfect for everyday wear, too.

2. How amazing is this customizable heartbeats necklace? What lyric or saying would you have stamped on it?

3. I have my eye on you, iPhone case! First I need a new phone haha. Lately, my current one dies anytime I take a picture which has turned into a new fun game of, make it a good one!

4. Heart stickers make everything better especially when they're neon.

5. I bought a similar heart keyring on our honeymoon and it reminds me of the happiest of times anytime I look at it.

6/7. I think these pinkgold heart prints would look adorable in a little girl's room... or my office! ;)

8. This bookmark would be way cuter than that old metrocard I've been using.

9. I wear a lot of VS satin pajama sets (sooo comfy!) and think these heart shorts are so chic.

10. These heart matches would be the perfect go-to hostess gift!

When you shop, is there a certain shape/item that always catches your eye? Anyone else love hearts as much as I do?! I just laughed out loud at myself after taking a big gulp of coffee from my mug that has a giant gold heart on the front. I think it's an addiction! ♥