What You Love

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Rumi-Quote What do you do? It's the second most asked question when meeting someone, the first usually being about your name. I've shared this quote before as it's always encouraged me to really think about how I'm spending my time and whether or not I'm finding love - and fulfillment - in my work.

I have this quote engraved on a bracelet that I lost for a long time, but just found the other night in a tiny zippered bag I had stuffed in a bin and forgotten about. It was like the moment when Carrie finds her name necklace; I squealed and found myself wanting to run through the streets of New York haha! This sentiment helped me a lot last year in acknowledging that I needed to make a change. I often find myself writing the quote when I'm warming up my calligraphy nib. That, and the word minimum. (Best practice word for strokes and spacing!)

To people about to graduate this spring wondering what career to anyone who wants to start a new chapter and do something completely different (it's never too late!) those who need the reminder that it's okay to love a job or role that doesn't sound important on paper: Be confident when you answer, What do you do?, and approach your work and day with enthusiasm. Have you ever noticed how much of a difference it makes when you encounter someone who is just going through the motions versus someone who is taking pride in whatever they're doing? Either mood is contagious...let's spread more of the love. ♥