Our First Ski Trip!

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March2015skitrip-1 As I learned and pointed out in this post, Patrick has never-ever skied...until now! To celebrate his birthday a few days early, we decided to head upstate to the Catskills last Friday so we rented a car in our neighborhood and left that morning. And after what felt like a sitcom episode of us putting on all our gear (the layers, the gloves, the neck warmers, the hats, the helmets, and the boots which essentially require ankle dislocation to put on) to only realize we needed to undo something to help the other, we were out on the slopes by late morning.

He took a couple tumbles that day, but as I anticipated, he was fearless! He picked it up and was zipping down the paths in no time. There was hardly anyone else on the mountain, and the weather was sunny and crisp - not too cold, not too warm - so it was perfect. We had a couple communication issues getting on the lift at the same time (that's my least favorite part about skiing...the lifts!), but we seriously had so much fun skiing down together. Days later, Patrick will bust out laughing out of nowhere. I'll ask him what's so funny, and he'll tell me he's picturing me skiing, coming straight at him and shouting, I'm comin' for youuu! Although I can ski, and miraculously didn't fall once that day, I will admit my form hasn't developed much since my childhood. Ahem! As Patrick describes it, I ski with "one foot on the brake." I think that's his kind way of telling me I look like a goon.

Patrick didn't want to leave and just as we were heading towards the lodge to wrap up the day, he decided to make one more loop. It was like telling a child it was time to leave the pool yard and they jump in one more time and swim to the far end of the pool just so they can swim back again one last time. But he ended up having to walk partway back to the lodge to meet me because the lifts had closed for the day (poor guy!), and I've since caught him eyeing the resort map, figuring out his route for next year.

We grabbed dinner nearby and drove back that evening, reminiscing about our day, and feeling the physical soreness and exhaustion kick in. Hello, muscles I forgot I had! (Or lack thereof.)

But yes, our first ski trip was a day to remember... I have this vision of us going down a steeper stretch side-by-side, shouting, Here come the McAnaneys!, with absolutely no one else around to witness our silly shenanigans. Patrick even had us stop at one point to listen to the silence. Life can feel busy and heavy, and full of adult discussions and decisions, but in that moment we were simply two big kids having fun. I'm still new to this whole marriage thing, but I hope we can have plenty more moments and days like that. I think that'd be good for us.