6 Months of Marriage

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6-months-of-marriage We celebrated our half anniversary this weekend! ...which is code for we didn't want to cook. It helped us justify getting out and enjoying the most beautiful weather we've seen since I don't how long.

We started with a little running competition in Central Park (things that happen when you marry an athlete). I didn't even mind skirting around people because it was so nice to see everyone out and about and playing with their kids and pups, throwing footballs, and reading on blankets in the grass. The city felt alive again! This is our first spring near the park and since we've decided to stay put for at least a little longer, it makes me so excited and thankful to be where we are. Last summer was such a blur with travel and our move and wedding planning that I forgot to enjoy the little things like sunshine and fresh air. I refuse to let that happen this year!

Patrick asked me where we should go Saturday night, and I knew right away what I wanted to eat. MEXICAN FOOD! We did a little search of the area and ended up checking out Cafe Frida. We pretended we were back on our honeymoon, cheer-sing with Pacifico beer and a blood orange margarita. Patrick ate some sort of lamb dish that got ALL over his shirt and I went with their shrimp fajitas and homemade corn tortillas. Everything was absolutely delicious especially the fresh guacamole we had for an appetizer - a must if you go! I think I could make a meal out of that and a margarita (or dos) when I go back.

After dinner, we walked down to the water to watch the sunset and sat on the bench discussing big important things, like what dessert we wanted to get although we ended up changing our minds so many times that we ended up not getting anything at all! We did sneak some Oreos into our cart at the grocery store yesterday, though, which we honestly never do and it felt like we were breaking some important adult rule of being healthy, but whatever! Life is short. Buy the Oreos.

And then we watched Wanderlust from the free section in On Demand, and it was the weirdest movie I've possibly ever seen haha!

I lugged a donation bag to Housing Works yesterday afternoon and then hit up the flea market and found some unique gifts from a local small business. I came home to find Patrick spring cleaning and insisting on figuring out a way to clean the outside of the windows. I thought he was crazy at first (and obviously reached for my phone to snap a pic of him hanging out the window!), but our windows have honestly never looked so clear. We keep laughing that we can finally see out of them! Who knew?!

People often ask us, How's married life treating you? Much like the question of, How's wedding planning going? I have no idea how to answer it. To be honest, nothing has really changed. Of course we both see marriage as an enormous commitment and something that requires work, and should be honored and respected, but the every day? It's the exact same. So far, marriage is a park date where I can never keep up with my running partner. It's pointing out our favorite dogs in the neighborhood and having an ongoing debate of whether or not to adopt a kitten. It's feeling successful when dinner is hot and ready when he walks in the door at night. It's mid-afternoon calls to check in and see if the other can pick up pepper because it's been a month and we keep forgetting and the salt is looking rather lonely. It's begging the other one to wash the dishes. It's high-fiving when we keep our grocery bill under a certain amount for the week. It's arguing over the fact that I steal the covers (but I don't know that I'm stealing them so it doesn't count!). It's dreaming up our next vacation together. And it's sitting on the couch still debating dessert an hour later, while we watch some horrendous movie and I tide stick the lamb sauce off of his shirt.


pssst! Speaking of marriage, our wedding was featured here last week! Mighty exciting and fun to re-live.