Ponds Cold Cream

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IMG_0778 I'm in Virginia right now for a few days for the first time since last Thanksgiving! My oldest niece is graduating from college this weekend so I tacked on a couple days to my stay and took the train down mid-week. Patrick's with his side of the family since his brother graduates the same day (we laughed and decided we had to divide and conquer) and although I miss that crazy clown, it's nice to have a couple days here by myself.

I came home last year a few different times, but it mainly felt like a whirlwind of wedding-related appointments and to-dos. It was kind of overwhelming, to be honest, so it really makes me appreciate this current pace of simply pooting around. We've spent our time wandering through T.J. Maxx, sifting through my storage bins I haven't seen in eight years, and crying through Anne of Green Gables. I was reminded of a slower pace of life as I tagged along for different errands in a town where everyone knows everyone and no one's in a hurry. It's refreshing.

So anyway, there I was, watching my mom brush her teeth before bed last night. I noticed she reached for her Ponds cold cream to remove her makeup so I became all inquisitive. It's always seemed like a weird concept to know, cream removing makeup and moisturizing your face at the same time. She explained that her mother used it, and her mother's mother used it, and it's one of those products she stocks in a spare closet and has used for as long as she can remember, insisting that the drying effects of soap can damage your skin. Naturally, I found myself sneaking her tub of Ponds into my bathroom to try, mentally adding it to my shopping list.

It made me think how quickly I concluded that if Mom swears by something, then by golly it must be good! A tiny example of so many other situations in which I follow her lead. I suppose I often operate under the moral compass of Mom knows best, and I can honestly admit I wouldn't be who I am without that guidance.

Here's to all the wonderful motherly figures out there and their variety of opinions and advice, spanning from beauty products to the bigger questions in life. Happy early Mother's Day, and thanks for knowing best.