My Six Favorite Home Scents

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I used to primarily light candles only during fall and winter ( if they acted as a heat source? I'm not entirely sure what my reasoning was there), but I've come to realize they're just as important in the warmer months when you want to control the scent of your home or office. Don't you love walking into a house or even a boutique that smells incredible? It's the first thing you notice.

So lately I've been on a big candle kick, lighting one almost every single day. They can really set the tone, whether I want to relax and read or get in the zone with a pile of work. Fun fact: There are two different ways I prime a new calligraphy nib to remove the coating...either by running it through a flame (another helpful candle use) or with spit haha!  Both are methods used by many calligraphers in case you think I've lost my mind!

Anyway, back to candles. I don't like to let them burn all day because I never want to leave a burning candle unattended, and let's be real, our apartment is so teeny-tiny that it doesn't take long for the place to smell nice. So unless a hurricane knocks out our power for a few days and we're using our candles for a light source (yeahhh, that definitely happened and why I always have cheap extras on hand), they seem to last forever, making them a great purchase and gift.

Here are my 6 all-time favorite home scents!


1. Tocca Cleopatra was my original candle love. It's sweet and light, with hints of grapefruit, and it transports me back in time.

2. Joya Gunpowder Green Tea candle with the skull on the front sounds and looks a little intense, but it smells SO GOOD OMG. While it's really hard to choose a favorite of this bunch, this might take the cake. Also, this one burns for a total of 75 hours so don't shy away from its smaller size.

3. If you're not into candles, use you should try a diffuser. I recommend the Illume Blue Coral scent which I also use in the room + linen spray. It smells like clean laundry, and I like to spritz a little on our throw pillows after I karate chop them! (If you know what I mean by karate chopping then you're my kindred spirit.)

4. We used to live around the corner from Odin and you couldn't walk by without getting a whiff of love. Odin Owari (#2) is my favorite of their line and it smells like fresh grapefruit and citrus, but it's also masculine and not as sweet as the Tocca one, and the lid can be used as a stand for the candle which I like. I know I'll keep that glass container long after the candle is finished to store something.

5. There's a reason why Diptique Baies is so darn popular and featured in every home decor magazine. It's floral and incredibly luxurious. Ours is almost out so I'm using it sparingly.

6. Voluspa Warm Perique Tabac candle is sold out most places (except here!) and it might be discontinued. I'll see it on sale sometimes at random home decor stores, so if you see it, snatch it up! It's really different and masculine and I really have no idea how to describe it, but I'm obsessed with the scent.

The snuffer and adorable matchboxes (I keep mine in an antique silver dish!) are from one of my favorite online stores. ♥