Beach Lovin'

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I couldn't be more excited to be heading on our first of two family summer vacations in just a couple days! There's been a lot going on recently and even though I'll be diving into some big projects the second we get back that I'm already stressing a little bit about, I'm hoping I can truly escape and just enjoy some time in the sunshine with our crew. This will also be the first trip my husband will be on with my side of the fam sooo here's hoping he's ready for us haha!

Above are just a few little things that caught my eye! Even though I'll be carting the same personalized beach bag my girlfriend gave me in high school and a thinner canvas farmer's market-type bag when I just want to keep it light, I LOVE the idea of this canvas backpack for toting belongings to the pool and beach. Also, how pretty is this yellow hat? My mom emailed us, reminding us to pack our hats for a family hat photo -- yep, it's totally a thing and Patrick is in for a treat ;)

I'm currently reading this memoir by Kate Mulgrew (the things she dealt with in her childhood...!!!)...I planned on saving it for the trip, but I had four last-minute flights last weekend and when I wasn't head bobbing sleeping, I was reading. I can't decide if I should bring another book or not since I don't want to finish this one before our vacation is done...I feel like I should bring one I haven't started yet, you know? I'm sure you e-reader peeps are shaking your head and saying, "See?!!" Anyway, if you know of any good beach reads, lemme know.

I'm all about the orange polish (that one is "Braziliant") and round sunglasses trend going on right now (exhibit A). In other news, I'm pale. Like, really pale. And it probably won't change all that much since I plan on lathering on the sunblock. I have a couple of these I might try, though, so I'm not quite as blinding -- I've heard amazing reviews so we'll see.

Lastly, if I could wiggle my nose and have two things to put in my suitcase, it'd be these shoes and this suit. The yellow print started off as a hand-painted watercolor (by another Virginia!) which I love :)