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summerquote Our trip was everything and a whole lotta nothing at the same time, in the very best of ways. It was family charades and belly laughs, an impromptu sing-off, 100 degrees and staying in the saltwater pool until my fingers looked like prunes. It was a beach sunrise with my husband, goodnight kisses from my toddler nephew, and learning how to properly chop tomatoes for fresh guacamole. It was my brother's BBQ he marinates with root beer, a nap for no reason other than it felt right, and singing to find rhythm in our two-person kayak. It was stopping to sit on a bench during a walk for a few minutes just because. It was floppy hats, sunkissed freckles, and tossing my book aside to hold a smiley baby on my lap instead. It was sandy sunscreen, ping pong and shuffle board, sitting around a table all drawing pictures, and climbing in a bed two sizes bigger than the one we have at home.

When we left Tuesday night, we raced to get to the airport on time to eat dinner and make our 7PM flight. Funnily enough (well, in retrospect - not at the time), our plane didn't end up leaving until 2AM, breaking the record for the latest commercial flight to ever leave Savannah Airport. I'm not going to lie, it was all sorts of nonsense, and I ended up with only 2 hours of sleep before a bridal photoshoot involving my on-site work. I found myself forgetting the relaxing peace of vacation mode, feeling stressed and grumpy as we returned to reality, frustrated that was the case.

After a busy end to the week and working a wedding on Saturday, Patrick and I enjoyed a "do nothing" kind of Sunday since it was the first one he's had free in months. I think the biggest thing we accomplished was putting our suitcases back on the top shelf in my closet. We made a big breakfast and perused the farmer's market in our neighborhood, picking out strawberries, tomatoes and a loaf of fresh carrot bread, after which we accidentally fell asleep on our couch in the middle of the afternoon while the breeze blew in our open windows. It was that same quiet peace I found down in Hilton Head, and I was so happy to feel it again. I'm the first to admit that I like feeling productive, knowing I accomplished a lot in a day, but that's not always a sign of time well spent, is it?

Here's to the official start of summer, to encouraging restful days of not doing all that much, to recharging our batteries for the typical busyness that surrounds us in life, and to slowing down a bit in the everyday to appreciate the little things - and the now - of this gift of a season.