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Patrick and I are headed to Ireland next month!!! We're celebrating a year of marriage, turning 30, and taking advantage of this current time in our life where we can take a trip like this, just the two of us. Patrick has never been to Europe so this will be such a treat!

I visited Scotland about 12 years ago with my folks so I'm interested to see the similarities and differences from what I can remember. But let's be real, my memory is non-existent. Good thing I'll have that silly husband of mine with me this time to tell me the stories of what we did years from now. He seriously remembers every little detail. We laughed the other day over breakfast that one day he's just going to make up all these crazy adventures and tell me that's what we did in life, and I'll believe him!

It's funny... I still use my maiden name for anything related to work, and sometimes even things like reservations! (Oops!) But I've been so excited to declare myself as my new, married name when booking this particular itinerary. They know how to pronounce it haha! And I'm secretly all, I'm one of you now! In related news, I plan on communicating in an Irish brogue the entire time. I hope Patrick is ready.

We're basically taking this route below:


We're renting a car, but seeing as I haven't operated a motor vehicle since 2011 when our tire blew (and scared the bejesus out of me) in Mexico, Missouri on Labor Day weekend and no one had the tire we needed except someone I found on Craigslist that was driving near us to buy a German Shepherd puppy (true story), I will not be driving in Ireland on the other side of the road. Patrick will be our driver and I will be in charge of navigation, music, and spotting castles and cute livestock.

Since we're heading there in late November, we'll be there during the off-season which has its pros and cons. Pros? Places are cheaper and less crowded. Cons? It will get dark really early (you can find us at the local pubs circa 4:30PM), and it will be rainy and cold. But that's kind of how we envision it anyway. This isn't the kind of trip where we'll be packing bathing suits and high heels!

Speaking of packing, I'm going to attempt to pack the lightest I've ever packed. We're talkin' one pair of jeans and at most, 2 pairs of shoes. My luggage unfortunately didn't arrive until halfway through our honeymoon which ended up being totally fine since I packed a bathing suit in my pocketbook, but I'd rather just take a small carry-on this time. If you know me, you realize this is challenging. I'll let you know how it turns out.

So, have you been to Ireland? While we've booked our lodging and have an idea of places to try and see along our route, I'd love to hear any favorite spots! For anyone else planning their first trip to Ireland, I highly recommend Frommer's EasyGuide to Ireland 2015 and Back Roads Ireland. We're also flying through the night and praying we'll sleep so we can stay awake the next day. If you have any pointers on that operation, please let us know!

A part of me seriously wants this trip to start tomorrow and a part of me likes having something in the near future to anticipate and daydream about. (It reminds me of this article.) Also, this time of year can get particularly hectic, and there's something about the thought of frolicking in the Irish pastures that melts any stress away. Maybe we'll just move there :) We'll see you soon, Emerald Isle! ♣