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party-21 Happy Friday! Before I sign off and go jump in a bunch of Irish puddles, I wanted to pop in here and share a couple quick things.

I taught a calligraphy class last weekend at a party hosted by the sweet and lovely Naomi Davis; she took the photo above, and you can see more pictures from the event here! It was the best morning.

I've received numerous inquiries about future classes and I will definitely be doing them in the new year. Please stay tuned! Feel free to submit your email address on my homepage to receive newsletters with that sort of update. I promise I don't send very many. If you ever have any specific questions, you can always ask me on my contact page. Forgive me if I don't get back to you next week while I'm away; know that I'll respond as soon as I am able.

There are new things in my shop! Everything is limited edition: totes, ribbon, stamps, matchboxes, miniature notepads as well as Christmas cards and zebra prints. (It's basically everything you'd need if you were stranded on an island, yes?) Orders will ship out again the week of November 30th.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? This GIF circling the internet surprisingly helps SO much. I've used it lots this week.

With everything going on in the world, I found hope and light in this beautiful article written by my dear friend.

In addition to our printed itinerary and trip folder of documents (I'm totally that obnoxious traveler), I'm trying out TripIt for the first time! I really like that I can forward everything and it compiles it for me. We used the travel agency behind the app at my old job, but it wasn't until my niece told me about it (and wrote this awesome list for Elite Daily of helpful apps we all need to be more productive) that I downloaded it.

Since I won't be doing any of the driving in Ireland, I'm in charge of preparing our very important soundtrack. We'll likely be listening to a mixture of this new album and this new album. Oh, and then this song will be on repeat ;)

Contrary to what the previous paragraph implied, I'm not thirteen. In fact, today is my final day of my twenties...! Here's to a new beginning :) Have a safe and fabulous Thanksgiving week, all!