April Class and Other Updates!

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april-16^April showers bring pretty flowers!

Hello, hello! I wanted to share a few recaps and updates with you today. Apologies in advance for their long-windedness.

In March, we celebrated Patrick's birthday in Los Angeles with his younger brothers and had one of the best meals of our lives at Gjelina. Afterwards, we walked to Salt & Straw which makes that whole area of Abbot Kinney Boulevard smell like sugary waffle cones (aka love), and spent a good thirty minutes deciding what ice cream flavors to get. We wrapped up the night playing games back at their apartment and watching his one brother do his Oscar-worthy impersonations. I laughed so hard I cried! It was the best night, and the perfect way to celebrate his 30th.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of the weekend... I woke up feeling weird and I decided it was allergies (even though I don't have allergies -- hi, denial), so I walked to the drugstore and took some medicine and later attempted to enjoy a hike, all the while pretending I wasn't struggling to, well, live. I later knew something wasn't right when we were at an event, and I was sitting in a tiny room next to A-list celebs, and all I wanted to do was lie down in the corner and suck on ice. I didn't know until later that night, when my youngest brother-in-law found a thermometer, that my temp was creeping up to 103. I was officially down for the count for the rest of the time we were there as I found myself the sickest I've ever been as an adult. The flight back to NYC was appropriate for a horror movie, complete with young boys kicking my seat and pulling my hair while their parents sat in first class. Yes. Meanwhile, I had taken approximately seventeen showers (since the hot water felt so good), but I was too weak to brush my long, super tangly hair. I'll spare you the rest of the details, but let's just say I was looking mighty pretty. The lesson in all of this: Never-ever miss a flu shot. (Even though it apparently didn't even work for some people I know... What the heck?) Anyway, I felt so terrible that I ruined the remainder of our (really fun) plans and owe the three of them another visit out west before long. Aside from a sick day on our honeymoon that pales in comparison, Patrick had never had to take care of me like that in the nearly 11 years I've known him. Safe to say that streak is over! The birthday boy DID end up spending a weekend in Houston for the Final Four shortly thereafter so I suppose that helped make up for it :)

In other news, we're moving! We'll be staying in the area, but will likely end up in another borough. Next month marks nine years in Manhattan for this country-turned-city girl, and it's a little much for me to wrap my head around, but I am also so ready for MORE SPACE. Even just a little. Or a bedroom door? Or a dishwasher? Or a washing machine in our building?? Or at least on our street??? It's time. We spent a good chunk of this past Saturday driving around Brooklyn with someone who grew up there, falling in love with neighborhoods I didn't even know I'd like. So we'll see! To be completely honest, it's a little nerve-wracking anticipating the fact that I'll be moving homes and offices at the same time; in the past, I've been able to leave the boxes behind while I went somewhere else to work. My current office is also built into the wall of our apartment so I will have to start fresh with creating a new setup. I'm praying for a smooth transition, but considering my past NYC apartment moves belong in a SNL skit, I'm not holding my breath. ;)

I wrapped up a 7-part children's handwriting class series last month that made the winter fly right by. They were a bright and rambunctious crew that kept me on my toes. (I have a newfound respect for teachers of children!) They also graced me with their innocent perspective, reminding me just how exciting receiving a letter can be, but also that calligraphy can be so frustrating at first that it's worthy of a few tears. To see those tears turn into beaming pride, to see them so excited about handwriting in general and cheering each other on, to see them create fonts from their imagination called things like, "the monster alphabet", and hearing them genuinely bummed the series was over - well, it certainly made it worthwhile.

I am now in the midst of spring wedding season and also prepping for my next calligraphy class (for adults!) on Saturday, April 30th from 1 to 4PM, here in NYC! We only have a couple spots left if you're interested in joining our group. I'm in the process of making brand new material for it, so even if I've instructed you one-on-one this past winter or you've been to a past calligraphy class (mine or another!), it will still feel new and act as a great refresher and opportunity to keep practicing your skill.

I'm collaborating with Tricia Paoluccio, a local actor who does gorgeous modern flower pressing for cards, so we will also spend part of this class making wonderful gifts and keepsakes (cards, flowers, calligraphy - oh my!) just in time for Mother's Day. The class itself makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift as well (one of the women who signed up said it was her Mother's Day gift to herself - love that!), or just a great opportunity for a crafty afternoon paired with cupcakes and tea.

If you are interested in signing up (or registering someone else as a gift!), please do so HERE. I am also booking out the remainder of my summer - if you'd like to get on my calendar for a particular project, please shoot me a message via my contact page and we can discuss what you have in mind. xo!