New! Hart Typeface Font

Virginia HartComment

It is a dream come true to introduce you today to my typeface font, HartI'll start off by saying that this wouldn't be possible without the design and type expertise of the super talented Eliza Gwendalyn and Jim Lyles of the Studioways foundry. 

We started working on this last summer if you can believe it, and it has all transformed from rough scans of my calligraphy to this magical font, after so many little tweaks perfecting every little detail, resulting in the coolest script typeface ever! I realize I'm biased (wink!), but I'm truthfully obsessed. And again, Jim and Eliza are responsible for all the magic that brought this font to life, and I couldn't feel more excited and honored about this collaboration.

Here's a look at what the letters look like:


If you head to MyFonts you can play with the font by typing in different phrases to see how it would look! The most common pangram below:


And the below image shows you a few of the alternate letters and how you can make such a big difference -- even in a little three-letter word!

Hart supports multiple languages and with OpenType functionality, it's packed with ligatures, alternate letterforms, swash alternatives, and glyphs. Plus! There are three cute ornaments -- a heart, an arrow, and an envelope.

Whether you're a designer or someone who simply wants to add a little love to whatever you're typing or creating, Hart is perfect for you. Keep me posted - I'd LOVE to see (and share!) anything you make!!! 

purchase Hart here