Two New Designs for Bella Figura

Virginia HartComment

I have thoroughly enjoyed working as a Bella Figura calligrapher this year, and I adore the rest of the Bella team so very much! As much as I also enjoy working directly with clients and companies to bring their visions to life, I've been able to contribute to more suites and designs since this partnership, which has been wonderful.

I'd like to highlight a couple pieces from their new social album -- two adorable baby announcements:

This one ^ is appropriately called Berry and was designed by Sierra Detrick, featuring my Marlow calligraphy.  I love the combo of the painted strawberries and the speckled liner! Fun fact about my Marlow style -- I use a paintbrush to write it.

And then thisss one ^ is called Stardust. And, y'all, it has a unicorn!!! Designed by Katie McCutcheon with my Ginny calligraphy style, it combines a pale pink letterpress ink with pearl shine foil stamping on the stars for a secret little surprise! And in case I wasn't obsessed enough, the liner is ombre pink. As you can see, you can also order matching stationery - I really like the clever placement for the name!

Be sure and also check out the rest of their designs here if you need a birth announcement, shower invitation, christening invitation, etc! Keep in mind that everything is customizable. And if you order something requesting one of my calligraphy styles, I'll be over here calligraphing the special details behind the scenes. :)

You can read more about Bella's wedding suite designs that feature my calligraphy in my blog post here, but below are some helpful images to see all the additional suite pieces you can order!


all photos from Bella Figura