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New Prints for Sale!

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Happy September, y'all! I'm so very excited to announce that my shop has re-opened, and I'm kicking things off with a fabulous dorm print collaboration with Mandy J. Engelman of TQC! TQCxVLH-header

Mandy and I met as members of Meagan Hooper's BSmart Guide, an incredible platform that supports and connects young professional women (join here!), where Mandy is a contributing writer as well as a social media consultant. Mandy has also done creative work and consulting for brands like Seventeen and MTV, and was recently named in the "20 under 20" list, featuring The Prospect's picks for twenty teens changing the world. That's right! Mandy is just now starting her freshman year at High Point University, where she will study strategic communication and graphic design, and continue building and trailblazing her already impressive path as a young professional woman.

When Mandy and I started discussing our collaboration and what prints we wanted to design, two of her favorite quotes and mottos immediately came to her mind: "sassy, optimistic and a little bit darling" and "stay quirky" -- and I loved both! Pair them with my calligraphy, lettering, illustrations of pineapples and a flamingo (because, well, we're obsessed!), and a hint of gold glitter...and voila! Our #TQCxVLH collaboration was born.


I asked Mandy what the quotes mean to her:


After searching for a response to the common question, "How do you describe yourself?", I decided on these three words. They perfectly capture who I am and who I strive to be. Embrace what makes you sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling. Life is better when you are fully who you are. 


^ a close-up look at the digital gold glitter we added to make this one extra special.

What about "stay quirky"?



I was extremely bullied growing up. I was even bullied out of my old high school freshman year. Going through something as traumatic as bullying demolished my confidence. When I realized I allowed the haters to take away the personality traits that I once cherished, I knew I needed to change. From that day forward I have stopped apologizing for being myself and I have started celebrating all of my quirks. My blog has played a big part in uniting me with my inner confidence. The whole mission behind my blog is to inspire others to be confident in what makes them unique. We live in a society that views our individualities as flaws, but I firmly believe what makes us different, or quirky as I would say, is also what makes us special. To me, the phrase "stay quirky" means to stay true to yourself and always follow your heart - no matter how eccentric you may be. 




I am truly honored to haved help design these important reminders of encouragement, celebrating individuality. All three prints are perfect to hang in dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices, or homes! They make exceptional gifts as well. Available for a limited time, you can either purchase a downloadable PDF to print yourself, or one that's already been printed on gorgeous luxe paper that can be shipped to your door. Don't forget to snap and share how you style your print by using #TQCxVLH and tagging @mjengelman and @ihartvirginia!

pssst, SHOP HERE!

*all pictures of Mandy are by Bill Payne

New Holiday Products For Sale!

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In case you didn't get my newsletter earlier this morning (are you signed up?! if you wanna be, you can enter your email address on my website's home page. I will be sending them more and more.), I wanted to share a few holiday products for sale! christmascard-1

I have some 4 Bar (on the smaller side -- 3 1/2" x 4 7/8") neon pink folded Christmas cards! My calligraphy has been printed on them in shiny gold foil and I'm so, so happy with how they came out!




each pack of 12 comes with envelopes, too!


These yellow-lime "to & from" gift tags would really brighten up your parcels. I'm ALL about having a signature wrap job every year and love the idea of making it known what gifts are from you with these bad boys.



Next up? cocktail napkins!  I thought "making spirits bright" was kind of funny (get it?) and I just love the gold on black. They'd be perfect if you're throwing a holiday party and they make such a unique host/ess gift for any festivities that you attend!



Are you sending out Christmas cards (and gifts?) to loved ones this year? Add some extra love with this stamp! ^^^


Want a general "Merry Christmas" stamp to make your own cards? You got it. ^^^



You can purchase all of that above in my shop HERE. But waitaminute! One more thing...


I designed some wrapping paper. And I'm in love.


It's thick, luscious quality...not that cheap-o stuff that rips the second you fold it over an edge.

The scoop: I've debated how to sell this as it obviously isn't the easiest to store and ship. For now, I'll be selling it through Spoonflower who will handle the manufacturing and shipping at a fabulous rate, and I'll receive a commission on each sale. The plus side to that? You can actually have my designs made into fabric or wallpaper, if you'd like! Pictured here is the gift wrap in the satin finish. Note that when you select the design, it might default to fabric or wallpaper so make sure you have the right product before purchasing.


It really is so fun! Shop wrapping paper HERE.

Please note that any orders in my Etsy shop between now and Sunday will ship Monday, December 1st.

Do you have a favorite item? Do tell!