Zella Favorites

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Have you ever tried a barre class?  I recently started Figure 4, a version of barre, and it's one of the hardest things I've ever done. (In a good way.) It's a fast paced barre-based class that's a mixture of classic dance training, yoga, Pilates, and free weights. The instructors are quickly learning my name since they have to correct me so often..."Virginiaaaa!" If you're not a sculpted dancerly goddess, your legs might shake...your glutes might spasm...your abs and arms might up and stop might not be able to walk the next day! I might be exaggerating just a smidg, but it's seriously a great, intense workout especially if you're a newbie like me.

I've also been trying to incorporate yoga, specifically classes targeted to help with alignment. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child. It's minor, but my backbone has an S-curve to it. And as I get older, I can tell. I worked on random calligraphy projects over the weekend and showed up to a class on Labor Day. An hour and a half later, I walked out feeling sooo rejuvenated. Focusing on posture, flexibility, and alignment is truly important I think. We even worked out kinks in our wrists which was oh-so-needed after one too many hours holding a pen. I really have to make it a point to counteract my "calligraphy posture" and re-position myself. Plus, I'm not getting any younger over here and would love to nurture the flexibility I still have. I'm always so impressed by the people practicing yoga who must be 30 years older than I am.

My favorite things to wear doing classes like this? A slim-fit shirt or tank with opaque (and colorful!) leggings. You don't want extra fabric (baggy shirts/pants) getting in the way and downward dog isn't very cute if your pants are see-through. Above are a few favorites from the fabulous brand, Zella, including a cute workout cardigan to wear on your walk to class this fall. I love anything with thumb holes!

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Workout Winners

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With one too many things going on in my personal life (the case for everyone, right?), there is one escape I can count on: working out. I am not some fitness buff or anything and there are plenty of people who are in better shape than I will ever be, but if I could press the pause button and do more of something? It'd be that. It's like a personal therapy session and a chance for me to turn off all the other noise. I'm still figuring out my gym situation in the new neighborhood so in the meantime, I'm LOVING living near Central Park and taking advantage of the running paths and the gorgeous scenery. The smell brings me back to summer camp (I spent 9 summers at the best camp there is) and I'm instantly checked out of the hustle & bustle of New York. It's like I can finally breathe!

I am not someone who typically cares what I wear to work out. Oversized ugly tees? You bet. But I have to say, there IS something to the whole idea of performing better when you feel your best and feeling your best when you put a little more effort into your ensemble. Take something as simple as socks. If they're sliding down into your shoes the whole time, that's all you're going to be able to think of. Invest in a few pairs that are actually comfortable!

Here are six workout winners:

1. I think the tops at GapFit are so soft!

2. The best socks.

3. I recently switched to Brooks and am hooked.

4. Thankfullyyy, the park has water fountains everywhere to bring me back from the dead so I don't have to carry a water bottle, but one of these is great to carry with you in your purse.

5. I love the mesh detail on these Zella capris.

6. I'm a fan of things that I can wear for multiple occasions and this tank is definitely worthy of dressing up or down. I wore it on the 4th of July and again last weekend while doing errands. I think it'd perfect to wear to a yoga class, too! (Pssst! Meg Biram also just launched this gorgeous tee.)