OMG I Cooked Dinner

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i, the little lady, cooked dinner.

and it tasted good.

and it wasn't spaghetti.

or PB&J.

actually, it involved meat!


you know what's coming next. 
here is where i'm going to share the experience with you. 


let me begin by admitting that i did not follow any directions. i read a few recipes online and sort of just decided what sounded best and experimented. i realize this is risky stupid for a beginner, but it's really how i learn best. i bought a package of chicken breasts that looked tender and mentioned they were antibiotic-free/low in fat. i believe the total weight of the meat was a pound? crikey, this is a terrible description isn't it?

i chopped most of an entire white onion. it hurt my eyes.
i chose this for sauce.
if you know me, you're grinning right now.

and then i added the chicken, onion, entire bottle of sauce, a spiral of ketchup, and some garlic powder. like i said, the only way cooking is fun for me is if i make it a science experiment.
it looked really weird.
...but the smell, oh the smell!
in related news, the crock pot is a magical machine from Santa.

i turned our little crock pot onto high for the first bit and then down to low because we were both out of the apartment (i went and got my hair did!) and that just seemed safer. i'd say it cooked about 4 1/2 to 5 hours total. occasionally, i'd stare at it and stir it a little. and a couple times i took two forks and shredded the chicken. but for the most part, you just walk away and let the crock pot do its thing.

i bought some brussels sprouts for a side dish.
and i threw them on the skillet with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & sea salt.
i pushed them around and let them sizzle for a little bit (8 minutes?) and wam-bam, they looked done.

i warmed the bun for the BBQ pulled chicken, added some cole slaw (store bought), and divvied up the brussels sprouts. and guess what? everything was delicious! if i had to change anything, i would add more meat to make the sauce ratio a little better (but who doesn't like a messy sammy?) i'm going to pick up an iceberg head to make lettuce wraps with the leftovers, too!

until next time,


Some Nights...

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...when it's cold and dreary and you've been wearing stupid tights all day and you're sore and tired and you have a broken toe (my left ring toe or the little piggy that had none of the roast beef or however you're supposed to distinguish) and you have a case of the Mondays, you have to put aside all the important to-dos and instead! ...bake chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins :)

Can you smell them? They smell like love.

p.s. Do you like our new plates? 
I bought two of them on Sunday from here 
when I realized it was kind of necessary that we had adult-sized plates. 

p.p.s. Don't be fooled. I still have zero clue what I'm doing in the kitchen. 

exhibit A:

how many mistakes does it take? 

...don't mind the spaz of a girl sprinting across the street in her pajamas 
to buy the right kind of oil while the oven preheats.  

p.p.p.s. Patrick is finally home after working in Long Island since Saturday which makes me happy. 

'Cept when he announces he doesn't like pumpkin. (-.-)
Will someone come over and eat all these?

until next time,