Virginia Trip & An Unwelcome Visitor

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April 2014 Virginia weekend

Traveling to Virginia was ... well, a mess. Patrick & I met at Penn Station after work and took the train out to Newark, congratulating ourselves for being smart and saving on cab fare. Easy-peasy, we thought. (Heh.) Then we found out our first flight to DC was delayed due to "strong tornado-like winds" so we plopped ourselves at the only sit-down restaurant near our gate and treated ourselves to a drink. We all know I'm a lightweight so after one glass of wine, I went from stressy mcstresserkins to hayyy, ewe. To be honest, it was necessary after a rough week. You can see me and my hot mess status getting off the first flight above. Unfortunately, we didn't make our connection and had to stay in a hotel in DC, missing out on our one night at my parents' :( We were re-booked on the first flight out, though, so we figured we'd be getting there early the next morning anyway. No biggie! The alarm went off at 5:30AM and we hurried ourselves to the airport -- only to be delayed, hour after hour. Frustration set in as we went from handling everything with a positive outlook to  - well, not - and finding ourselves feeling prett-ay darn cranky. We ended up finally making it to our destination that afternoon after throwing in the towel and renting a car and driving ourselves! It was ridiculous but laughable, really. Here's hoping we can get reimbursed/compensated for everything. Oy vey!

The rest of the trip felt more rushed than I would have liked, but boy was it good to see our families. Friday night, we went to the UVA/Clemson baseball game in Patrick's old stadium. It was so fun to be back! He told us the view is very different from the seats :) The rest of the weekend we spent crossing off some big wedding to-dos like figuring out ceremony details, talking with our incredible priest, and taste-testing delicious cake! The woman making it is so artistic so I know I'm going to have a blast collaborating on that design. I honestly can't get over how nice our vendors are -- I feel so fortunate. We found out this weekend that Charlottesville is the #2 "destination wedding spot"  in the country. (Charleston, SC being the first) Can you believe that?! My parents also had us/Patrick's parents/my brother & sis-in-law over for dinner Saturday night and it couldn't have gone better ... so many belly laughs! I also love that our moms dressed identically :) (see pic above)

In other good news, I brought my new pink Tieks I was gifted the other weekend and I can already tell I'm going to be wearing them all the time. I'm all about the exceptional packaging and service (each pair arrives with a handwritten note -- um, my kind of company!) and they fold up into a tiny little packable nugget. And who doesn't love their turquoise bottom? If you have feet problems or walk a lot, I definitely recommend. Even Oprah swears by them.

In other horrible news, we have a mouse. Again. I want to cry. Slash move tomorrow. I spotted the critter right before bed on Sunday night so rather than dealing with it like sensible human beings, we grabbed our stuff and waddled up 8th Avenue in our pajamas and checked into a hotel. An exterminator made us feel much better about things (sealed every possible entry point and said he was pretty sure the mouse had left before he did that) on Monday so we stayed home even though I practically slept in a straight jacket. I finally let my guard down yesterday morning as I was putting on eye-makeup in the shower room and all of a sudden, it scurried up the wall RIGHT in front of my face. I stabbed my eyeball with my mascara wand and sprinted into the bedroom where I had to finish getting ready while standing on the bed right by the window. Our neighbors across the way must've thought, Well there's a new way to blow dry your hair.

14 traps and another night of sleeping with the TV on for "security" later? We still haven't caught the little booger. Ugh, here's hoping we can SOON. When you're living in such a small space, it's hard not to feel skittish and violated. The one perk of all this nonsense is that's really forced me to spend a lot of time at the nice, mouse-free gym - ha! Not gonna lie, I kind of really like getting ready there in the morning...something about multiple showers and makeup stations brings me back to living in a sorority house or the 9 summers I spent at an all girls camp. But aside from that, there really is no upside and it's just one big pain-in-the-neck nuisance. Anyway, wish us luck :) #OperationCatchMickey

How are your weeks going?! Xo.

See You Soon, Virginia!

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 ^^^ last fall with my beautiful momma. ^^^

We're off to Virginia! We have a jam-packed itinerary of activities, wedding-related meetings and needed time with our parents. I can't wait. The weather is supposed to be heavenly, too!  I hope you all have a lovely, sunshine-y weekend.

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