Event Signage

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One of my very favorite things to contribute to special events is the signage. Whether I'm painting a large surface on-site (or in my home office!), making sure every little dessert has a description (because let's be real, dessert decisions are highly important and we gotta know what's what!), writing a sweet sentiment that will be given to the flower girl, or lettering quotes and menus that will be framed after the fact...I find so much joy in feeling like I'm a part of the details and keepsakes.

I ended up canceling my Labor Day weekend plans last-minute to help with a bunch of signage for an event, and I wanted to share a couple pictures! It was a busy few days, to say the least, including the first all-nighter I've had to pull in a looong time. It reminded me that I'm getting older (I'm looking at you, upcoming 30th birthday - bah!) because I feel like I'm just now - maybe kinda sorta? - getting caught up on sleep, despite our ongoing neighborly noise drama.


^ one of each, pretty please!


Who doesn't enjoy a little Gatsby? Patrick was out of town while I was working on all of this (which was truly for the best because I seriously took up every square inch of our home and listened to my Enya Pandora station on repeat) and when I texted him photo updates, he seemed genuinely excited about this particular shade of blue.^


Meanwhile, I was spazzing out at this gold! ^ It was crazy shiny in the light. This was quite a different style for me to try, but I love a good challenge.


^ a close-up of one of the many menus. I mixed a deep wine-colored gouache for the ink.


And this! This was another challenge ^ but also really fun. This picture is by FireFly Events, and I'm obsessed with how they styled it with the sea glass balls and rope. This was my first large wooden sign (I've painted on a smaller bench), and the rough surface and bulkiness made it rather cumbersome, but I'm really pleased with the final look.

If you're interested in event signage for your special occasion, please submit an inquiry via my contact page. Thank you!

My Current List of Services and Types of Work

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♥ all recent images from my Instagram

I've worked on a variety of custom projects lately, and I wanted to create a list of the types of work I do in case it's helpful for anyone who's curious and stopping by this site.

The majority of the inquiries I receive are for wedding-related calligraphy items. I'm happy to email you back with my pricing sheet that also provides information on my guidelines and preferences, and discuss details as well as my current turnaround time. Keep in mind that certain factors affect the price. For example: with envelope calligraphy, the ink color and liner situation will affect the time it takes me to complete the job. While most of the couples and wedding planners I work with are in New York / on the east coast, I am available to help anyone, anywhere! Same goes for company events that need some special details. Happy to see how I can help!

Here are some of the services and designs I currently provide:

  • envelope addressing
  • escort cards + place cards
  • table numbers
  • menus
  • programs
  • maps
  • shower and event invitations
  • save-the-dates
  • wedding invitation suites
  • wedding monograms
  • guestbook prints
  • wedding or special event website designs
  • custom cocktail napkins
  • chalkboard calligraphy
  • mirror calligraphy
  • company logos
  • personal name designs
  • business cards
  • custom digital or printed illustrations (pets, people, homes, etc.)
  • digital designs for prints and invitations (if you prefer to print yourself)
  • company and event promotional items
  • handwritten and graphic design for blogs and social media
  • pattern design
  • custom wrapping paper
  • custom stationery
  • custom holiday cards
  • change-of-address cards
  • birth announcements
  • birth record calligraphy
  • custom address and other stamps
  • tattoos

I have to admit that some of my favorite projects end up being those that I've never done before. Last weekend I painted a personalized script on a wooden bench and now I reeeally want one for myself - ha! Ya know, for that big ol' backyard we have here in NYC. ;) Another project I did this year that pushed me out of my comfort zone (always a good thing) was drawing anatomical sketches of different body parts, adding font, calligraphy, and watercolor for a med-school graduation gift! And I just completed a series of baby names to hang in nurseries which was really fun. So if you have an idea in mind and you think my style would be a good fit, but you're not sure if I'm up for it, feel free to shoot me a message and we can chat.

Have a question? Shoot me a message HERE! I will also have shop / product updates soon! ;) xo!